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About The Name

Banchixi is the Chinese name for the Elasmotherium or plank-tooth rhinoceros of Central Asia, which some believe to be the origin of the unicorn legends. Although it is believed to have died in prehistoric times there is some evidence that it may have survived long enough to be remembered in Russian legends as a horned bull.

How To Contact Us

Please send mail relating to this web site to www at banchixi.com.


I mostly run Linux and only boot into Windows for games and video editing, so this site is generally only tested with Firefox and Chrome (which should also ensure it works on Safari). I know that Internet Explorer does not support CSS3 multicolumn rendering and HTML5 video, but there are no easy ways to work around those limitations; hopefully Microsoft will add support at some point.

I also know that some parts of the pages don't work with Javascript disabled, it's mostly used to add standard menus and footers because the server doesn't seem to support includes; I'm probably going to switch to preprocessing the pages when they're installed so that Javascript is no longer required to do that.